“Fangirl” By Rainbow Rowell


I recently found this book at the library where I work, it was one of the “Librarian’s Pick of the Day.”

I picked it up, read the inside cover, and went HMMMMM! What a treasure I stumbled upon: This is a book about my life!

I am obsessed with fanfiction, I read it all the time. I never thought there would be a book that captures my exact feelings for the famous site. There’s nothing quite like being able to live in your favorite fandom forever.

I have read countless Naruto, Harry Potter, and various other fanfictions because I am sad when series end. They just…end. POOF, done!

I had been reading Naruto for over ten years of my life, how did anyone expect me to cope with the series ending? HOW?! It was like a part of me had been ripped away, but then fanfiction came and put a band-aid over it whispering to me, “There, there. Everything will be okay.”

Anyway, enough rambling.

This story follows a girl named Cath. It’s her first year of college, and her and her twin are going to the same school, however her sister, Wren, wants to disassociate herself from Cath, tired of being just one of the twins.

Wren seems to thrive without Cath around, whereas Cath is barely treading water. She has anxiety issues, privacy issues, doesn’t like to meet new people, basically all the things that college will smack you with if you aren’t prepared for it.

I found this book interesting because it was about a girl who would rather live in her online worlds than the real one. And then, throughout the story, her viewpoint changes. We get to see that she enjoys living in the real world more and more, and that her virtual world takes a back seat (Not completely though, she still obsesses over it quite a lot).

It was refreshing for me to start the year off reading this book. It had everything in it: Romance, family issues, FANFICTION, school problems, etc. I was very, very happy that I read it.

You should read it, too! Go, go now, get yourself a copy. I declare it.



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