“A Court of Mist and Fury” by Sarah J. Maas

acomaf-cover1Ooooohhhhhhh my god, this book was the best book I’ve read in a long, long time. I can’t believe how it made me feel: I was panicking, swooning, worrying, biting my nails, waving my hands, gasping, crying, laughing (Like, actually laughing out loud), my heart stopped, and heat flooded my body in a mass entanglement of anxiety.

Okay, so I’m sorry, but there will be spoilers in the post as this is the second book in the series. But, I will point out when the spoilers are happening, so don’t worry, they won’t jump out at you suddenly. 🙂 And you can just skip ahead to where they end!


First off, I can’t believe what the flip just happened. The whole first book was about Feyre’s relationship with Tamlin, and now in this one we have her relationship with Rhysand. Don’t get me wrong, Rhysand’s my guy, but Feyre died, died, for Tamlin. How could she have feelings for another guy one book later? Well, at first I was like, “Uhhh was reading the first book a waste of time if she doesn’t even end up with Tamlin???” And then as I analyzed the importance of it, I realized it made so much sense; it couldn’t have happened any other way.

Also, I just wanted to point out that I was right! At the end of “A Court of Thorns and Roses,” I knew Rhysand would be coming back. Thank god, I would have missed him if he hadn’t.

Now this is the point where I rant about Rhysand and how amazing he is. Brace yourselves for the greatness that is Rhysand:

  1. He allows Feyre to be her own person, he doesn’t keep her stashed away like Tamlin did. He understands that she has her own needs and desires, and she should be able to act on them. Nobody puts Feyre in the corner. 😉
  2. He’s so flipping amazing at flirting, like so wonderfully amazing. Whenever he and Feyre are communicating by writing on the piece of paper, I just get the biggest grin on my face. Utterly adorable.
  3. My heart swelled with how much he loves Feyre. When he was confessing to her about everything (EVERYTHING, you know in that house in the mountainside), his emotions were so raw. There he is, the most powerful High Lord in history, and he’s getting all choked up about his story intertwining with Feyre’s. I really can’t explain how beautiful that scene was with words. Ah! I’m not doing it justice!
  4. I loved when he got splattered on the side of his face with the stardust hehehe that made me cackle.
  5. The fact that he danced! I was kind of shocked, usually the type of character he is wouldn’t dance, but he did it! WOOT!
  6. He can fly, enough said. And he loves that he can do so! So cute. ❤

Haha okay, moving on! Thoughts on what the flip happened at the end of the book:

  2. WTF?!?
  3. I hate Tamlin.

Pffffft, you’ll understand my grievances if you’ve read the book.


Honestly, this book is so well crafted, I want to live in it forever. Maas is able to intertwine so many story-lines that it’s amazing she can keep track of them all. Some major thought has to go into her writing, unbelievable.

And I really liked how everything happened gradually. Like, you know how authors will sometimes write something that happens way too fast? Maas takes her time to develop Feyre’s feelings, and allows us to see her inner turmoil throughout the book. I really enjoyed that she took the time to let Feyre heal rather than wipe away all her problems like they were nothing.

If you haven’t read this series yet, DO IT! The next book comes out in May, so I actually don’t know how I’m going to survive until then. Because of this story, I have a massive book hangover and I can’t escape the Prythian world. I just can’t escape it, so I’m going to take a couple days before starting on reading my next book.


…Happy reading! You’re welcome. XD



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