“Fangirl” By Rainbow Rowell

I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH! I recently found this book at the library where I work, it was one of the "Librarian's Pick of the Day." I picked it up, read the inside cover, and went HMMMMM! What a treasure I stumbled upon: This is a book about my life! I am obsessed with … Continue reading “Fangirl” By Rainbow Rowell


My New Year’s Resolution

Okay, let's get this thing started. Every year, another January comes around (shocker), and yet I fail to maintain any sort of New Year's resolution. Always, always, always, I have the cookie-cutter "I want to lose weight, I'm going to eat healthy, blah blah blah." And this year...was no different... AND THEN, I was like, … Continue reading My New Year’s Resolution