“Itachi’s Story” by Takashi Yano and Masashi Kishimoto

Man do I love Itachi. He's like the most perfect specimen, besides Sasuke that is. This book is so so wonderful. And this is the first book that I red a bit late, I finished it at about four in the morning on Sunday night. But, I only had to read fifteen pages at that … Continue reading “Itachi’s Story” by Takashi Yano and Masashi Kishimoto


“Ocarina of Time” by Akira Himekawa

Let me start out by saying that "Ocarina of Time" is my absolute favorite video game. I've played it a kajilion times, I can even play it in my sleep. I know every inch of that game, so I was excited to read this manga version of it! I had gotten this book at Christmas … Continue reading “Ocarina of Time” by Akira Himekawa